RAF Bomber Command intelligence report

RAF Bomber Command intelligence report

Code: 10433


Rare, original RAF Bomber Command, Intelligence report for January 14th 1945.

This report was sent from HQ Bomber Command to the Air Ministry, Whitehall, London. It is rubber stamped at the top 'Secret' and 'Immediate', and at the base 223 Sqdrn. dated 16th Jan 1945.

The report is Intelligence narrative No 990.  It is for January 14th 1945. It gives details of each of the day's raids (on German targets) how many group aircraft took place and what type, the weather conditions, the bombing results, target defences, enemy fighter combats, type of radar and countermeasures involved, number of aircraft missing etc..........

This 'Secret' report was printed on a teleprinter and torn from it, resulting in (each) report being of a different length, this one is 30 inches long but all are of the same size paper width (8 1/2"). They were collected and a very limited number were then distributed amongst senior officers to gather all intelligence from each operational raid. Very few of these reports have survived.

In a good legible condition, with some creasing and corner folds, tears (see photos).

In need of researching.