WAAF grouping Churchills war rooms

WAAF grouping Churchills war rooms

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A scarce medal group of WAAF items to - Acting Section Officer Flemming.

A/S/O Flemming was a senior telephone operator working with very high ranking British and American officer's. 

In 1944 she was working in the Cabinet War Rooms, underground, beneath Westminister in London (now the imperial war museum, war rooms). Here she undoubtably met with Winston Churchill, as well as the most senior officers in charge of planning the war. Amongst her medal group are some fascinating original photographs, including four rare 14 x 9 cm, photographs (which we have not seen before) taken inside the war rooms. These are of an AEAF conference and show in attendance some very famous high ranking officers, including RAF - AVM Arthur Harris, ACM Sholto Douglas, ACM Trafford Leigh Mallory, US - M/Gen Anderson, L/Gen Doolittle, amongst others. These are all named on the photo rear, hand written by her in ink. One photo is of the telephone communications desk just outside of the map room, and A/S/O Flemming has marked her telephone position with an 'X'. These photos may have been taken just prior or even around D-Day. Two other original, 13 x 10 cm, photos in her group are of US, General Eisenhower, who is attending an AEAF celbration party with other US and British officers, including ACM Arthur Tedder.  Although not named on the rear, they could have been taken at Versailles, Paris in 1944.

Other original photographs are A/S/O, Flemming in uniform. Two portraits, an early photo and a later one which shows her medal ribbons and brass 'A' collar badges. Finally a large 36 x 20 cm, photograph mounted on a card surround, showing her on the WAAF Oficers school, in July 1942.

Her medals include - 1945, France & Germany Stars, Defence & War Medals all in a good condition (see photos).

A rare WAAF grouping.