RAF log book and bombing photos

RAF log book and bombing photos

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RAF log book and 37 original bombing photographs.

These are to - F/Sgt. W.J. Snell RAF, who was a Bomb aimer/air gunner.

On operations with RAF 37 Squadron flying Wellington Bombers with the MEF and in Italy. He completed a Full Tour of 40 operations starting in September 1943 and up until July 1944. Flying on bombing raids to targets in the M.E. and then to Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Rome etc.....Once he completed his 40th operation he was then 'screened' becoming a Bombing instructor.

The log book is about a third full of entries, which include his training, all 40 operations, with officer signatures and squadron rubber stamps plus some inserts. A well written interesting log book.

Included are 37 of his original operational bombing photos. These are printed on Air Ministry paper and give details of the raid, date, target height, pilot etc.....He has written on the back of some giving more details. These are rare to get with any log book, usually being retained by the squadon intellegence section.