RAF Lancaster air gunner log book and medal group

RAF Lancaster air gunner log book and medal group

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RAF log book and medal group to Air Gunner, Sgt. H.W. Lawrence.

Sgt. Lawrence passed his Air Gunner's course at RAF, 11 A.G.S. Andreas, Isle of Man, in June 1944. He was then posted to number 84 OTU at RAF Husbands Bosworth, flying Wellington bombers. Here he 'crewed up' with pilot Sgt. Davison and remained a member of his crew until the war's end. After completing initial crew training they were posted to RAF, 1651 HCU based at RAF Woolfox Lodge, learning to fly Lancaster bomber's. Once the course was completed the crew were posted to RAF 149 Squadron at RAF Methwold. 

Their first operational sortie came early in January 1945 flying an operation to Wanne-Eickel. Another 'Op' to Duisburg, followed by a 'day time' operations to - Cologne, and to Krefeld. February saw another daylight raid to Munchen Gladbach then, further Ops to Wiesbaden and Dortmund. Another daylight raid to Wanne-Eickel where he comments 'a shaky do'. Further Ops to Hohenrudberg, and then the 'infamous' Dresden raid on the 13th, which caused the devastating firestorm (here he comments in RAF terms of that time). Next day saw the crew on Ops again to Chemnitz which saw them return to base on 3 engines and Sgt. Lawrence's rear turret out of action. Three more daylight raids then followed to Kamen, Dortmund and to Gelsenkirchen. March 1945 and daylight raids to Kamen, Gelsenkirchen, Salzenburg, a night time sortie to Dessau, then further daytime raids on Essen, Dortmund, Munster (intense Flak) and Wessel. April came and further Ops to Kiel twice - which saw the sinking of the German pocket battleship 'Admiral Scheer'. His last two operations were to Heligoland and then supply dropping to Rotterdam. Nearing the end of the war, the RAF found themselves making an ever increasing number of supply drops to the starving Dutch people, named Operation Manna. Sgt. Lawrence and his crew then made a vital Exodus trip bringing home newly released prisoners of war. Towards the end of May 1945, the crew were on Cooks tour flights giving RAF ground crews a view of the bomb damage inflicted on German towns. 

After the war Sgt. Lawrence went onto training at 17 OTU which he carried out until February 1946 when he was de-mobbed.

The log book is well written, and has rubber stamps and officer signatures. There are about 40 pages of entries and his operations are in need of research. His medal group of three is included - 1939-45, France & Germany stars and war medal, all in excellent condition, with original medal slip. Nice original crew photograph in flying kit and of a Lancaster are included.

A fine Lancaster air gunner grouping.