RAF Mk1 night adaption goggles

RAF Mk1 night adaption goggles

Code: 10311


RAF Mk1 night adaption goggles.

Stores Ref. No. 22C/575. Leather face surround with blue glass tinited lenses in circular metal frames and an elastic strap.

These goggles were introduced to accustom night fighter pilots to the dark, before take off, giving them a better night vision. The Mk1 variant were prone to steaming up, and were soon superceded by the Mk1a goggles which had side vents.

These Mk1 goggles are in a very good 'used' condition. The leather face surround is in a good condition, but a little tired in places. There is some slight surface rust on the metal lens frames and the elastic strap hooks.

This mark is much rarer to find than the more common Mk1a goggles.