RAF Mk II flying goggles

RAF Mk II flying goggles

Code: 10302


RAF Mk II flying goggles.

Air Ministry stores Ref. No. 22c/44.

Introduced in 1928, the Mk II goggle was obsolete before the start of the second world war. Due to pilots and aircrew disliking the Mk III and IIIa goggles, they often reverted back to wearing the Mk II's, and these are often seen in photographs of the Battle of Britain.

These goggles are in a very good condition with clear glass laminated lenses (some delamination around the edges) and metal frames. Cloth sides trimmed with faux fur, in very good condition. The leather sprung strap has two adjustment buckles, again, in a very good condition, although the springs are slightly stretched.

A rare pair of goggles.