RAF D type flying helmet

RAF D type flying helmet

Code: 10286


RAF D Type canvas tropical flying helmet, fully wired, Largest size.

This pattern of helmet was intended for aircrew use in hot climates. A leather flying helmet would be very hot, making it impracticable to wear.

Air Ministry stores Ref. No. 22C/972, Size 4 - the largest size.

Fitted with a very good brown flecked coloured internal wiring loom, an early 'brown' bakelite jack/bell plug and a very good pair of type 32 earphone receivers.

The helmet outer is made from a robust tan cotton fabric and incorporates a neck flap for sun protection. This is in a very good condition and has the pilots 'nickname' inscribed on the forehead. On the left side is a rubber stamp, Air Ministry Ref. mark. The rubber earcups are still nice and supple and the elastic chin strap is in a very good condition.

The inside is lined with a cream coloured silk fabric which helps to keep the pilot's head cool. This is in a very good condition, with a couple of minor 'nicks' (see photos).