RAF chamois leather flying gloves

RAF chamois leather flying gloves

Code: 10337


RAF chamois leather gloves.

Air Ministry stores Ref No. 22C/433 size 9.

These 'pristine' condition gloves are still found to be lightly stitched together as a pair. In a lovely un-issued condition with good black ink rubber stampings inside. Air Ministry and kings crown, with stores reference and AID stampings.

Excellent cream coloured soft chamois leather, machine stitched. These very rare gloves are flimsy in construction, and were made to be worn next to the skin with further gauntlets on top. Bomber air crew wore these gloves continually throughout a flight, to prevent their hands sticking to frozen metal parts and equipment. Due to this, the gloves would wear out very quickly and soon be discarded for a new pair acquired from the squadron stores.