RAF aircrew chemically heated pouches

RAF aircrew chemically heated pouches

Code: 10362


RAF chemically heated pouches.

Stores Ref. No. 22C/454, containers ankle.

This scarce accessory was issued to RAF pilots and aircrew, primarily bomber command air gunners. The small pouches are made from a khaki rubberised cotton material with a press stud fixing top flap. Elastic straps are stitched to either side, and to the base, allowing the wearer a secure fit around their ankle. Everhot chemical bags were placed into each pouch, after first being activated with a small amount of water. Heat was provided for several hours by the bags. When initally activated they were very hot, sometimes burning the wearers skin, so becoming unpopular by the aircrew who used them.

This pair are in a good original condition. They still have the elastic straps fitted and are clearly marked with the Air Ministry stores reference number.

Due to ongoing issues with European Customs, this item is NOT FOR SALE to the EU.