RAF night binoculars and case

RAF night binoculars and case

Code: 10427


RAF, Husan night use binoculars in their original leather case.

Issued to some RAF bomber and night fighter aircrew, and British special forces troops.

These Galilean binoculars have very wide exit lenses in order to gather maximum light for better vision, in low light conditions.

The last couple of photos are of British general "Boy" Browning - the C.O. of the 1st Airborne division. He is pictured with a pair of this type of binoculars, whilst talking to U.S. major Gavin, during operation Market Garden, Arnhem. During the planning for this operation general Browning memorably said "I think we might be going a Bridge Too Far".

This pair of binoculars are in excellent condition. The adjustable focus works perfectly, and the glass lenses are good and clear. They are stamped with Air Ministry stores Ref No. 6E/338, and have the War Dept. arrow.

The original leather case is in a very good condition, stamped on the lid and named.