RAF 103 squadron Lancaster flight engineers group

RAF 103 squadron Lancaster flight engineers group

Code: 10473


RAF wartime group of ephemera to flight sergeant Frank Halkyard.

He was a flight engineer on Lancaster bombers flying with RAF 103 squadron out of RAF Elsham Wolds, Linc's.

His group consists of - a fine hand colourised portrait photograph of him in a leather edged frame, topped with metal RAF wings. Enclosed in the frame (size 14 x 10") is his Engineers brevet. With this are his miniature medal group, his dog tags with original cord, his old bullion 103 squadron badge, small original b/w portrait photo of him in uniform, his airman's service and release book, flying clothing card, plus others.

Interestingly, his RAF flying clothing card shows that he was issued with a flying helmet, oxygen mask, also a type E oxygen mask, plus a good amount of other kit and a .38 revolver ! With the card is a RAF deficiencies of kit card, plus a RAF internal repayment voucher, both of which we have not seen before. These seem to refer to his release from service in 1947. Unlike a lot of aircrew upon leaving the service, and then keeping all their issued kit, it seems that F/Sgt. Halkyard did the 'right thing' and returned his kit back to the RAF stores. Not content with this, the RAF being a stickler for rules and regulations, he was duly charged 49 shillings and a penny and half for the loss of some of his kit ! 

A fine group of items and in need of research.

Due to the glass in the frame, FOR SALE TO THE UK ONLY.