German inert bomb fuse and transit case

German inert bomb fuse and transit case

Code: 10365


WW2, German Luftwaffe, inert bomb fuse, with bakelite transit case. 
Type - ZT Z 89 B. 
Mechanical time fuse with a delay of between 4 to 60 seconds. This fuse would have no explosive content. It has an alloy top and a blackened steel casing and alloy base. The base has a screw thread to accept a gaine pot. The top has a single large central charging plunger which is stamped Nurfurhand Einstellung (this still moves). Around the top edge it is fully stamped with the fuse type etc...This type of fuse would have been fitted to - Blitzlichtbombe BI C-50, LC-50, C-500, Containers - AB-250, AB-500, ABB-500, AB-1000. 

Stamped and dated 1940, inside the bakelite case.

The fuse is Completely INERT, holding no explosive. 

Both the fuse & case are in very good condition (some slight rust around the fuse metal casing).

FOR SALE TO THE UK ONLY (due to postal restrictions).