RAF Spitfire pilot group of items

RAF Spitfire pilot group of items

Code: 10196


A framed group of items to RAF spitfire pilot, flying officer David L. Randall. He flew operational sorties with RAF 253 squadron.

In the 14 1/2" x 10 1/2" wooden frame are found an original portrait photo of f/o Randall, his forage cap badge and his service dress brass tunic buttons. Included in the set of buttons is his very rare small diameter (pocket) escape & evasion button compass. This looks like a normal pocket button, but it has a screw-off top, which also has the added security of a very fine left handed thread. Once open the button reveals a minute escape compass, with just a small luminous dot to indicate North. In the last example photo it can be seen next to a standard large size tunic escape button. These small escape buttons rarely turn up for sale, unlike the heavily copied large escape button. We sold f/o Randall's medals and log book etc.. a number of years back, and this item was kept back for our collection, but now is the time to move it on.

Due to ongoing issues with European Customs, this item is NOT FOR SALE to the EU.