RAF escape miniature telescope

RAF escape miniature telescope

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RAF escape miniature telescope.

Developed by Clayton Hutton at MI9 to aid in both evasion and escape. The escaper could use it for observing guard routines, finding wire obstacles, planning escape routes etc... and all at a safe distance. The telescope is extremely compact and, as with this example, it comes in a protective aluminium container. It is small enough to be hidden inside a range of items, even inside sticks of hollow seaside (Blackpool) rock, allowing secret shipments into POW camps. These mini telescopes were made in two types, a single draw and a double draw. 

This example, of the single draw type, is in a very good used condition. The lenses are very clear and give a good viewing image, whilst the brass body is in a good condition. The black crinkle finish covering is worn, but still present, as in most surviving examples it is missing.

A great piece of wartime escape and evasion equipment.