RAF escape and evasion hacksaw blade

RAF escape and evasion hacksaw blade

Code: 10263


A scarce RAF escape and evasion hacksaw blade in a moulded rubber sleeve.

This type of hacksaw blade was issued for use by RAF aircrew, and supplied by MI9. The rubber sleeve is to protect the blade from rusting and to make concealment easier. The blade was sewn inside the service uniform or battle dress, both in tunics and trousers. The rubber sleeve has the letters DS moulded into it, but the relevance of this is unknown.

This example is in a very good original condition. The hard black rubber is still slightly flexible in places and the metal blade can be felt. One rubber end tip has been broken to allow viewing inside of the hacksaw blade end (see photos).

Due to ongoing issues with European Customs, this item is NOT FOR SALE to the EU.