WW2 paratrooper jump wings

WW2 paratrooper jump wings

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Original WW2 British, Indian made, paratrooper jump wings.
World War 2 saw the formation of the first British airborne / parachute units.
Parachute training was a 2 weeks course carried out at No. 1 parachute training school, at RAF Ringway. 
Recruits started the course by jumping from a converted barrage balloon, and finished it with a total of five parachute jumps, at altitude, from an aircraft.  
Anyone not completing a jump was immediately returned to his old unit and failed the course.  
Those successful, were awarded with the 'coveted' maroon beret and parachute jump wings, then they were posted to a parachute battalion.
These wings are an excellent 'original' example.
Finely hand embroidered, with silk thread on a black felt background.
They are not padded, but have that appearance with a 'high relief' stitching for the parachute canopy and for the wings.

A superb pair of wartime Parachute wings.

Due to ongoing issues with European Customs, this item is NOT FOR SALE to the EU.