RAF Lancaster gun turret hand crank handle unit

RAF Lancaster gun turret hand crank handle unit

Code: 10158


WW2, Martin 250CE mid upper gun turret hand crank unit. The crank unit was fitted below the turret ring gear and allowed the air gunner to manually rotate the turret in the event of a power failure. This crank unit is in excellent condition wearing its original wartime paint and with all parts in working order. It is fully stamped with part and reference numbers. The size is, 14" x 2" approximate. The Martin mid upper turret was fitted with twin 0.5 cal Browning machine guns which packed a hefty punch. 

The later marks of Lancaster were fitted with this turret as were the American Liberator, Marauder and Havoc.

Due to ongoing issues with European Customs, this item is NOT FOR SALE to the EU.