RAF Avro pilots control column

RAF Avro pilots control column

Code: 10404


RAF Avro Shackleton MR3 control column.

This pilots control column has been removed from the aircraft when it was being scrapped. It has been restored to its present condition and mounted on a wooden display stand.

The wheel rotates freely and it has the original control chain which is now spring loaded, this allows the wheel to return to a central position. All of the control switches work, as does the left side lever. All of the original electrical wiring is retained. The column has a fitted cockpit light on the rear and of all things an 'ash tray' fitted to the front ! Both are original to the column. Above this is a compass correction card holder. Part numbers and reference stamps are to be found all over the column.

An excellent collectable display item.

Heavy item (6.5kgs).