Grumman Hellcat & Bearcat pilots hydraulic hand pump

Grumman Hellcat & Bearcat pilots hydraulic hand pump

Code: 10352


Grumman F6F Hellcat & F8F Bearcat pilots emergency hydraulic hand pump.

The Hellcat entered service in late 1943 whilst the Bearcat came in later on during the war. Both operated as carrier based fighter aircraft.

This pump was fitted inside the cockpit next to the pilots seat, and within easy reach. If the engine driven hydraulic pump was not working, then this auxiliary hand pump could be used by the pilot to operate the aircraft's - landing gear, wing flaps, dive recovery flaps, gun chargers and oil cooler shutters, all very important operations to help keep the aircraft flying safely.

This pump has an 'overhauled' inspection sticker on it to show that it has been inspected and was, at that time, in a serviceable condition (now sold only as a collectable). The hydraulic piston has a smooth 'working' action when moved forwards and back with the handle. The handle has an excellent rubber hand grip. The pump has a data plate which is stamped - Electrol inc., also with an assembly and a serial number.

The Hellcat pilots notes show the hand pump as item No. 14.  Also, a handle of a similar pump can be seen in the Bearcat cockpit photo, on the right side of the pilots seat (last photo).