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RAF Escape & Evasion Map

A wartime double sided black and white Escape & Evasion Map.

Circa 1941.

Marked, Air Ministry (MAPS).

The Map is for Italy, North on one side and South on the other.

Reference number, 9 J3 / 9 J4.

Made of Silk/Rayon, this stitched edge 24" x 20" map is in a very good condition (has a few ink spots, probably leaked from the Pilots fountain pen).

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RAF Air Gunner 'Everhot' Heated Belt

RAF Air Gunner "Everhot' Chemically Heated Belt.

This rare accessory was issued to RAF Air Crews, primarily Bomber Command Air Gunners.

Two small pouches, made from khaki rubberized cotton, are sewn to a white cotton belt with brass fixings.
The pouches held small packets of chemicals which, when activated, gave off heat for several hours.

Both are Air Ministry and King Crown stamped with the stores Ref. No. 22C/454.

These pouches were issued separately, and they could be used in all matter of different ways to keep warm.

Maximum size for the belt is 38" waist.

Both pouches and the belt are in a good condition.

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RAF Group Captain's Cap

WW2, RAF Group Captain's Peak Cap.

Tailors label inside for Austin Reed, London.

It has an excellent Kings Crown Bullion Badge stitched onto a mohair band.
With a black patent leather chin strap and internal leather sweat band.

Green under the peak.

Size is approximately 22" circumference, and the cap has an excellent shape.
Not named.

In excellent condition, with some slight soiling to the top and the leather on the peak is rippling (see photos).

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RAF Spitfire Pilots Compass Correction Kit

WW2, RAF Spitfire type Compass Correction kit.

This includes three Original parts - Compass Corrector unit, Compass Corrector adjustment Key, Compass Correction card Holder.

The Corrector is fixed under the Pilots Compass tray and is used for adjusting the polarity of the compass, to gain a 'true' North setting.
It is in excellent condition and is fully marked Air Ministry and with Reference numbers.

The Adjustment key was used by the RAF instrument fitter to pre adjust the Corrector to a 'true North' setting.
Nicely marked.

Compass Correction card Holder is fitted on to the Pilot's instrument panel with a correction card notifying the pilot if the compass is indicating a false North position, which has not yet been fully corrected.

This type of correction kit would have been fitted to almost every type of RAF wartime aircraft.

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RAF H-Type Oxygen Mask - Large Size

An RAF Aircrew H-Type Oxygen Mask.

This post war dated mask consists of the late WW2 type, large microphone with wiring loom & plug.

The elastic harness straps & clips are in an excellent condition.

Size, Large.

In a very good used condition.

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RAF D-Type Flying Helmet

WW2, RAF D-Type Tropical Flying Helmet.

Intended for Aircrew use in hot climates where a leather flying helmet would be impracticable.

This is a late pattern with an internal wiring loom, Air Ministry Ref No. 22C/971, size 3.

The helmet outer is made from tan cotton fabric and incorporates a neck flap, for sun protection.
The inside is lined with white silk, to keep the head cool.

The helmet has a very good internal wiring loom with Jack plug and a pair of type 32 receivers.

The elastic chin strap and rubber ear cups are in very good condition.

Overall, a great 'used' condition helmet, with some slight soiling to the lining (see photo).

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RAF Mk VII Flying Goggles

RAF Mk VII Flying Goggles.

Air Ministry Ref No. 22C/826.

The frames are in a good condition, retaining most of their wartime paint.

The clear Glass Lenses are good with some slight de-lamination.

They have an original, elastic type, goggle Strap which is slightly frayed but still has elasticity.

The leather face pads are good, but soiled.

They retain a complete un-cut central adjustment bar, to fix a sun 'Flip Shield' if required (not included).

These goggles are in a good used condition.

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WW2 Free French Forces Lapel Badge

Original WW2, Free French Forces Enamel Lapel Badge.

Showing the Cross of Lorraine and the words 'France Libre'.

All of the enamel is in excellent condition.

On the reverse is a Registration mark, 83830 and a working pin with clasp.

Size, 32 x 15 mm.

Code: 50836Price: 45.00 GBP

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RAF Beret and Badge

RAF Other Ranks Beret and Kings Crown brass RAF badge.

Post War issue, woollen beret with cotton liner and a leather sweatband.

Made by - Beret Industries Ltd, Air Ministry Ref No. 22F/996.

Size, 7 1/8.

In a good 'used' condition, has some moth marks (see photo's).

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WW2, RAF Canvas Training Helmet

A wartime RAF Training Helmet.

Made from a tan coloured canvas cloth with a blanket lining.

The rear of the helmet has an internal elastic fitting to ensure a snug fit, and an adjustable front headband strap.

It has a canvas chin strap with a brass fixing buckle.

The ear covers can roll forward to provide a wind break, when flying in an open cockpit trainer aircraft.

The helmet is in a good 'used' condition, with some staining and usage wear.

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