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WW1 Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wings

A fine pair of Original WW1 Silk embroidered Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wings.

Type worn on the maternity style tunic.

Size, 3 3/4" span.

Show signs of tunic removal and colour fading.

Code: 51052Price: 295.00 GBP

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RAF B-Type Helmet Rubber Pads

RAF/RCAF B-Type Helmet Zip Ear Rubber cushion Pads.

Intended for extra sound proofing, these soft sponge rubber pads were fitted in Flying Helmets with Zip Ear pieces.

Ref. No. 22C/16.

Stamped with RCAF markings, although these are identical to the RAF ones.

In an Excellent un-issued condition.

Code: 51051Price: 38.00 GBP

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Rare RAF/SOE Escape & Survival Kit

A Scarce RAF/SOE Escape and Survival kit and celluloid case.

Issued to RAF Pilots and Aircrew as part of their personal Escape and Evasion/Survival equipment.

The pocket size case contains lots of useful items to help evade capture including many items later found in the Beadon survival kits.

The kit looks to be remarkably complete, which includes waterproof matches and a box of fire making tablets, fire making magnifying lens, fishing line and tin of hooks, rubber water bottle and sterilising tablets tin, razor and razor blades, escape compass, heliograph, sharpening stone, flashlight bulb, rabbit/animal snare and wire, benzedrine tablets, salt tablets, etc....

The case has been opened and therefore over time the lid has slightly distorted, now needing a rubber band for it to remain closed.

Case size, 5 " x 4 " x 1 1/4".

OVERSEAS BUYER - please contact me first for shipping options.

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RAF Navigator Map for Germany / Berlin

Original RAF Navigator's Map for Berlin.

Dated 1943.

Size 3' x 2 ft, paper on linen backing.

In a good 'Issued' folded condition (some wear on the folds).

Code: 51050Price:

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RAF Navigator Map of North Sea / Holland

Original RAF Navigator's Map of the North Sea including English East Coast and the Dutch Coast, Amsterdam, Zuider Zee, Rotterdam etc....

Dated 1943.

Size 3' x 2 ft, paper on linen backing.

In a good 'Issued' folded condition.

Code: 51048Price:

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RAF Navigator Map for Belgium / Brussels

Original RAF Navigator's Map for Brussels - Liege (plus Antwerp).

Dated 1943.

Size 3' x 2 ft.

In a good 'Issued' folded condition (has a cigarette burn, see photo).

Code: 51049Price:

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RAF Mk IVb Goggles Spares Box

RAF Mk IVb Flying Goggles, Leather Spares Box.

This 5 x 4" Leather box/case was issued with the goggles.

It originally contained the helmet metal adaption plates and fixing rivets, spare lenses, tube of 'Everclear', adjustment spanner, and leather strip etc... (now empty of contents).

Embossed Reference numbers on the front, with two 'Newey' press stud fixings in a working order.

In a very good condition.

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Air Sea Rescue HMSO Booklet

HMSO, ASR Information Booklet.

First published in 1942.

This 9 x 7" booklet has 32 pages of informative text, drawings and some excellent photo's.

In a good original condition, but has some staple rust and a couple of loose pages.

Code: 51046Price:

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RAF B-Type Helmet / D-Type Mask Wiring Loom

RAF Battle of Britain period, B-Type Flying Helmet External Wiring Loom, Type F.

To fit the RAF cloth D-Type Oxygen Mask.

Used in conjunction with the Type E & Type 19 set Microphones, and type 10A/7063 also 10A/8543 Receivers.

The Type F wiring loom had an Air Ministry Ref No. 10A/7835.

It comes fitted with an early 'brown coloured' Jack Plug Type 119 (10H/10991).

A Brown braided loom, slightly faded and with some wear in places.

In a good 'issued' condition, complete with all it's connection terminals.

Becoming increasingly difficult to find.

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RAF Aircraft Ground Crew Electrical Tool - 1940 dated

Battle of Britain era, RAF Aircraft Ground Crew, Electricians Wire Strippers.

Steel adjustable wire strippers made for the Air Ministry in the U.S.A.

A good makers stamp plus A.M. and Kings crown, with a 1940 date.

Spring loaded and still working, in excellent condition.

Code: 51044Price:

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