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WW2 RCAF Pilots Wings, English Made

A fine pair of wartime 'English' made, Royal Canadian Air Force Pilots Wings.

Double twist silk thread on a black felt back ground.

Padded type.

In a very good condition.

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WW2 RAF Suede Leather Mosquito Boots

WW2, RAF warm weather & tropical climate 'Mosquito' Boots.

Unlined Brown Suede Leather, calf length boots with leather soles.

Intended for use by RAF ground crew, these boots were often used by Aircrew as they were found to be more comfortable to wear being without a fur lining, in a hot aircraft.

Termed 'Mosquito' boots due to the draw-string ties, which were to prevent insects from entering in to the boot.

Inside these boots have War Department stamps, as well as reference stamps.

The inside sole is stamped with the maker and dated 1942.

They are in a very good 'used' condition, with the suede uppers being very clean (some wear to the heels and soles, see photos).

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RAF Gloster Gladiator Compass

WW2, RAF Gloster Gladiator type Compass.

Type P.6. all metal bezel.

Similar to the later P8 compass which was used in RAF Spitfire & Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain.

Dry of fluid.

In a very good original condition.

FOR SALE TO THE UK & EU ONLY (due to postal restrictions).

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RAF Mk IIIa Flying Goggles

A pair of RAF Mk IIIa Flying Goggles.

Widely favoured by Fighter Pilots and Aircrew during the Battle of Britain.

These goggles are in a very good condition.

The leather strap is Air Ministry stamped with a Ref No. 22C/62, and is dated 1939 (albeit feint).

The cellulose goggle lenses are good and clear with some minor scratches.

All of the frame stitching is in place and the two front lugs are present.

The inside brown felt padding is in a good used condition, although the padding has now gone stiff.

The leather strap has good working fabric covered springs either side.

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WW2 RAF Framed Photo Pilot KIA

Original Wartime colourised Photograph of a Pilot who was Killed In Action.

Flight Sergeant, Edward H.J. Shearing was a Lancaster Pilot with RAF 514 Squadron.

He had already completed a number of Operations, including the infamous Nuremberg raid in March 44, where Bomber Command lost 100 aircraft.

Then on the night 19-20th May 1944, F/S, Shearing and crew took off from RAF Waterbeach at 2230 Hrs in Lancaster LL641, for Bombing Operations on the railway yards at Le Mans.
After successfully bombing the target the Lancaster set course for home.
After crossing the English coast it was safe to assume a straight forward flight back to base.
But, some 4 miles from the airfield at Newmarket, the Lancaster spun into the ground killing six of the crew with one baling out safely.

This original photo is sized, 4 " x 3 ".
It comes in a Glass fame sized, 8 x 6".

In a good condition, with some slight staining to the backing paper.

Comes with copies of the CWGC certificate and the Aircrew Remembered Archive Report.

Needs further research.

Code: 51008Price: 38.00 GBP

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RAF D-Type Flying Helmet

WW2, RAF D-Type Tropical Flying Helmet.

Intended for Aircrew use in hot climates where a leather flying helmet would be very hot and impracticable to wear.

Air Ministry Ref No. 22C/970, size 2.

Fitted with a very nice original Brown & Purple colour fleck internal wiring loom, jack plug and 'Sefton' resin type 16 receivers.

The helmet outer is made from tan cotton fabric and incorporates a neck flap, for sun protection.

The inside is lined with white/cream silk, to keep the head cool, which is in great condition.
Rubber stamped with the size number and the A.I.D. inspector stamp (albeit feint).

The elastic chin strap and (supple) rubber ear cups are in a good condition.

Overall condition wise, it is a excellent ' hardly used' helmet with some slight soiling (see photo's).

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RAF Other Ranks Wartime Issue Trousers

A pair of RAF Other Ranks trousers.

They have a 'Fish Tail' rear waist band and side pockets with brass fly buttons etc....

War Department stamp 'O' for 1942 issue.

Size, approximately 33" waist x 30" inside leg.

In a very good 'used' condition, slightly soiled.

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RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots

A Superb pair of RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots.

Air Ministry Ref No. 22C/80.

Both pullers are Air Ministry stamped, size 8, and dated 1937.

The inside fur is lovely and clean, without any missing patches or damage and is odour free.

The outside black leather is in superb condition, as are both adjustment straps.

They look to have been resoled and heeled at some time, which is surprising as both boot uppers seem to have had little wear.
The leather soles seem to be an old repair using expensive best quality leather, and the re-stitching matching perfectly with the original.

These are probably the best pair of 36 pattern boots that we have had.

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Father & Son (RAF) KIA Scrolls

Two Original official memorial Scrolls to a Father & Son killed in both World War's.

WW2, RAF, Sergeant H.E. Masters of 142 Squadron was an Air Gunner and he was killed on 4th August 1940.

WW1, Private W.H. Masters was with the York & Lancaster Regiment and he was killed on 15th December 1917.

The WW1 Army scroll is mounted on card and has the hand written name in red ink.
It has been removed from a damaged frame, and there is some slight 'foxing' to it.

His sons, a larger WW2 RAF scroll is slightly faded, although it shows signs of once being in a frame.
There is the official, discoloured, accompanying label with it.

Both scrolls also have CWGC certificates.

A sad reminder of how some families paid the ultimate price during Wartime conflicts, and who gave so much for their country.

In need of research.

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WW2 German Luftwaffe Bomb Fuse & Ring

A German Luftwaffe Aerial Bomb Fuse and Retaining Ring.

The Fuse is a type, EL. AZ. 25 B impact fuse, which is marked on the top and dated 1942.

The two piece Retaining Ring secures the fuse, in the bomb, at the top of the fuse pocket.
It has a threaded outer ring and an inner fuse securing part.
The threaded part screws into the bomb outer casing.
This would have been fitted and secured by the Armourer before the bomb was lifted onto the bomber.

Completely INERT.

In a good condition (some pitting to the fuse casing).

FOR SALE TO THE UK ONLY (due to postal service restrictions).

Code: 51004Price: 95.00 GBP

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