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RAF Helmet/Mask Face Protectors

RAF B-Type Helmet Face Protectors/Defenders

Two original RAF Chamois Face Protectors for the use with the B-Type Flying Helmet.

Also, used for fixing the D-Type Oxygen Mask.

Made of cotton webbing strips with chamois backing and each with two 'Newey' type male press stud fasteners.

Air Ministry rubber stamped with Ref. No. 22C/68, also named in ink.

In a very good 'used' condition.

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WW2, POW Ephemera

A group of original wartime Prisoner of War Ephemera.

Consisting of -
Two camp Photo Cards from a L/Cpl. David Parker of the Durham Light Infantry, sent to his home in Surrey.
Also, a camp issue 'Postkarte' and a camp issue Letter.
This group have one Stalag IXA (Spangenberg) and the rest have Stalag XXB (Marienburg) German Censor stamps.

With the lot is an 'official' camp receipt for some personal papers taken into custody belonging to a Pte. N. Day of the East Lanc's Regt.
This camp is Stalag VIIIB, Lamsdorf, Germany, and is signed for by a Hauptman at the camp and rubber stamped.

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RAF Parachute Bag

Original, RAF wartime parachute storage bag.

Made from strong canvas fabric with webbing handles.

Inside are a number of canvas flaps to hold the parachute securely.
These have 'Newey' press studs.

The bag has a metal zip fastener, which is in a good working condition.

In a good 'issued' condition (has a small hole, see photo & soiling).

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RAF D-Type Flying Helmet

WW2, RAF D-Type Tropical Flying Helmet.

Intended for Aircrew use in hot climates where a leather flying helmet would be impracticable.

This is a late pattern, to be fitted with an internal wiring loom, Air Ministry Ref No. 22C/970, size 2, (loom/receivers not fitted).

The helmet outer is made from tan cotton fabric and incorporates a neck flap, for sun protection.
The inside is lined with white silk, to keep the head cool, which is in great condition.
Rubber stamped with the size number and the A.I.D. inspector stamp.

The elastic chin strap and (supple) rubber ear cups are in a good condition.

Overall condition wise, it is a great ' hardly used' helmet, with some slight soiling and to the lining (see photo's).

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RAF 1941 Pattern Floatation Lamp, Boxed.

Boxed 41 Pattern Mae West Floatation Lamp.

Air Ministry Ref No. 5A/2728.

Ref No. stamped on the battery container, with WD arrow.

This 'new old stock' Lamp is in near mint condition.

The black & red cable is perfect, which in nearly all cases is cracked and brittle.

The lamp would fit securely in the Mae West side pocket, and when removed and switched on, helps to attract searching rescue teams.

Overall, in Excellent condition, and comes with the original packaging.

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WW2, RAF England Shoulder Title Badge

A Rare Wartime RAF uniform 'England' shoulder title.

Blue embroidered silk lettering on a curved top navy blue felt backing.

In a very good condition (some fading patches to the background felt).

Code: 50970Price: 30.00 GBP

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WW2, RAF Great Britain Shoulder Title Badge

A Rare Wartime RAF uniform 'Great Britain' shoulder title.

Blue embroidered silk lettering on a curved navy blue felt backing.

In a good 'issued' condition (a couple of moth patches & some soiling).

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RAF E Type Oxygen Mask 'Thin Diameter' Hose & Clip

A Scarce Oxygen Tube & Clip for the E Type Oxygen Masks.

This is the early 'Thinner Diameter' tube, which is the correct type to be fitted to the E and E* Oxygen Masks.

This Tube has a 6D/526 brass bayonet end fitting and 'crocodile' clip.

The overall condition is very good, with the tube still being very flexible.

The last photo is to show a comparison with a G-Type 'usual diameter' oxygen tube.

It comes with the original spring wire retaining clip.

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RAF 1941 Pattern Mae West

An 'Original' RAF 1941 Pattern Mae West / Life Preserver.

Air Ministry Ref No. 22C/447, size Medium.
Contract No. rubber stamped (albeit feint).

Complete with all canvas ties, grab handles, buttons & press studs, dye strip, floatation lamp pocket, working brass zip.

It also has a set of three 'Pegasus made', reproduction Kapok pads inside.

In an Excellent 'used' condition (has a couple of re-enforcing patches added to the lamp pocket flap & minor soiling).

Code: 50966Price: 495.00 GBP

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RAF Spitfire Rotol Propeller Manual, Battle of Britain

Early Wartime issue, Rotol Propeller Manual for the Hydraulic Variable Pitch Airscrews, type RX5/RXF5.

This impressive manual covers the Battle of Britain Mk1 Spitfire & Hurricane fighters, and early RAF Bomber Aircraft, which were fitted with Rotol made propeller assemblies.

Dated, August 1940.

It has informative Text including all reference & part numbers, b/w Photographs, pull out Drawings etc......

Part 1 of the manual deals with Propellers and Hubs.
Part 2 is Governor units and Spinners.
Part 3 Equipment & Controls.
Part 4 Installation & Operation.
Part 5 Tools.

Manual size, 9 " x 6 " x 1" thick.

In an Excellent condition.

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