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1940, Free French Badge
Wartime British and the Free French Enamel Badge.

Membership badge to for "Les Français de Grand Bretagne", a British civilian organisation created in 1940 to support the Free French.

There appears to be two versions of the membership badge, this being the earlier one.

Made of Enamel on a gilt metal backing.
By H. W. Miller of Birmingham, which is marked on the rear.

Size, 25 x 20mm.

In Excellent condition.

Code: 50874Price: 38.00 GBP

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Early Wartime RAF Officer Cap

WW2 RAF Officer Peak Cap.

Green under the peak, which show's it's an early Wartime pattern.

There is a good Kings Crown Bullion Badge stitched onto a mohair band.

It has a black patent leather chin strap and internal leather sweat band.
Inside is a Regent Street, London, Tailors label.

Size is approximately 22" circum, which is a size 6 7/8.

it is in an Excellent overall used condition, without any moth or other damage.

Code: 50865Price: 200.00 GBP

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RAF Type E* Oxygen Mask

An 'Original' WW2, RAF E* Oxygen Mask.

This pattern is a modified version of the E mask, which was the first all rubber oxygen mask to be produced for Wartime RAF Aircrew.
This mask superseded the earlier canvas D-type oxygen mask.

Basically the same as the first pattern of E type mask, the E* has an anti-suffocation valve on the left side, and Elastic harness straps instead of leather.

Air Ministry Ref No. 6D/624.

This example is in a very good condition, fitted with a 10A/12570 microphone with an anti-moisture gauze and clip, plus wiring loom and plug.

The rubber mask is still nice and supple (this is a Genuine Wartime issue Mask) which is great for this type of early oxygen mask.
It has Air Ministry markings and Reference Numbers along the top edge, plus a white rubber stamped number.

The Elastic straps are good in a good shape and these are rubber stamped.

The inside chamois leather edging strip is still clean (also with a rubber stamp, still showing).

In a Very Good overall condition (guaranteed to be wartime issue).

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Avro Lancaster Manual - Original

An early 'Original' Avro Lancaster Instructional Handbook / Manual.

Dated, November 1941 and produced by A.V. Roe & Co. Ltd, Manchester.

This manual was for the Avro type 683 'Lancaster' Mk I & II.

Issued to RAF Sgt. Graham of 57 Squadron, RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire, on the 29/09/1942.

This 9 x 6" size manual has an individual issue number of = 1222.

There are 55 pages of instructional text, plus 16 large pull-outs at the rear.
These are line drawings and General Arrangement drawings covering the Lancaster in detail.

This is a rare early Lancaster production edition of this manual, issued to an RAF Squadron based at the Famous 617 Squadron "Dam Buster" Air Base.

In a good 'used' condition.

Code: 50881Price: 95.00 GBP

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RAF Air Crew Harness Anchor Ring

RAF Air Crew Observer Parachute Harness Anchor Strap Ring.

Fitted to the early pattern observer harness and the harness suit and parasuits.

The anchor strap was fitted to secure the Air Gunner to his position in the turret/aircraft.
This was to help him stay at his guns during any aircraft violent manoeuvres.
Most gunners did not use the anchor strap for fear of being trapped in the aircraft if it were shot down.

The stainless ring is in Excellent condition.

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WW2 Sewing Kit

WW2 Sewing Kit, sometimes found in RAF Survival / Dinghy Packs & Beadon kits.

This small tin has a hinged lid, and when opened the contents are two types of thread and a few various size needles.

In a used condition, with some storage marks.

Code: 50879Price: 38.00 GBP

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RAF Night Fighter Pilot Night Adaption Goggles

RAF Mk 1, Night Adaption Goggles.

These goggles were worn by night fighter pilots for about 30 minutes prior to take off on night sorties.
This helped to accustom their eyes to night vision.

Leather unlined face mask with circular blued steel frames and side vents, with an elastic strap.

Laminated circular dark glass lenses.

Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/575.

In a very good condition.

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RAF Officer SideCap with Blackened Badge

WW2, RAF Officer Side Cap with a metal Blackened Eagle & Kings Crown badge, plus black plastic buttons.

The cap is in a very good 'issued' condition, and looks to be moth free.

The lining seems to have some ink stains.

Size = 6 ½".

Code: 50878Price: 55.00 GBP

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RAF Air Crew Oxygen Connector

A wartime RAF aircrew oxygen hose connector.

Air Ministry stamped with Ref. No. 6D/482, Mk IVA.

Brass spring loaded top bayonet fitting for the 'walk around' oxygen bottle extension hose (see last photo).

In a good condition.

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RAF Spitfire Pilot Oxygen Bayonet Union

A pilots oxygen tube bayonet fitting union.

It will fit the 6D/101 bayonet connector fitting, on the early canvas 'D' type oxygen mask tube, as used in the Battle of Britain.

Made of brass, with Air Ministry and Ref. No. stamps, 6D/112.

Fitted to most early RAF aircraft.

In an Excellent un-issued boxed condition.

Code: 50863Price:

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